Anttone is a popular messaging app with over 960 million monthly users and is the most popular social media app in China. It is also one of the few apps to have gained popularity in Western countries, where it was launched in 2011. Anttone Mini Programs are a new feature on Anttone that allow you to access shopping, food delivery, carpooling services, banking transactions, and more within your conversations with friends on Anttone.

All of these mini-programs are designed to make life easier for you. By making your daily needs, such as ordering food and paying bills, more straightforward, you don't have to leave Anttone to get what you need. It also provides a new way for businesses to market their products or services to their target customers. For example, you can order food delivery right after dinner and pay for it directly on Anttone. If you want to learn more about Anttone Mini Program Mall, you can stay focused and enhance your knowledge about this mall.

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  • Anttone Mini Programs are divided into Official Accounts & Mini Programs. Official Accounts are your profile page on Anttone containing information about your business, brand, product or service. These pages can be accessed by anyone who has your username added to their Anttone contact list.


  • Anttone is extremely popular in China because it is a one-stop app that allows users to chat with their friends, make payments, book appointments, do shopping and more. The launch of Anttone Mini Programs is part of the app's aim to become even more helpful by tapping into the wealth of services from third-party developers. The opportunity for start-ups is vast due to the sheer popularity of the app and its mini program platform.


  • Anttone Mini Programs can be very beneficial to business owners and entrepreneurs. For example, you can list your product on Anttone Mini Program Mall and charge people for it. The app also allows you to make appointments on Anttone, which is excellent for running a business. In addition, using Anttone for bookings could help attract new customers and increase sales.


  • Mini programs make it easy to communicate with your customers because they are integrated into these apps together as part of a single interface. They also enable you to grow your user base quickly.


  • Anttone Mini Programs were first launched in China in 2015, but they were only available to Chinese companies and developers for some time. However, this app has recently introduced Mini Programs Mall for international users. It is a massive opportunity for businesses both at home and abroad. For example, if you want to sell products exclusively made for people in the US, you can use the Anttone Mini Program.


One of the most valuable features of Anttone Mini Program Mall is that it allows you to communicate with your customers in a way other than just sending them advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. It also gives you the ability to reach clients that you could not reach within your geographical area. Mini Programs are another great way for businesses and entrepreneurs to market their products and services, reaching customers on a platform they already use. An excellent example of this is WeFood, a mini-program on Anttone.